Syrian violinist Shalan Alhamwy and Belgian accordionist Jonas Malfliet bring together a wide repertoire of Arabic and European folk music and inspired originals. In 2018 the duo recorded their first album Safar, a musical journey between Syria and Belgium.

Jiraan – Arabic for “neighbors” –  is an ensemble of twelve musicians of different nationalities, led by the Syrian violinist Shalan Alhamwy.  In 2018 the collective resided in Belgium to work on a repertoire of Arabic, Syriac, Sufi, Turkish, jazz and baroque music.


Het Eenzaam Ensemble tells stories of long lost memories. About sharing one last waltz. About a village chief watching his tribe sleeping under the old oak tree. About feeling reborn under the streetlights on a cold winter evening.

Jonas Malfliet’s compositions are accompanied by Joshua Dellaert on double bass and Joachim Thys on saxophone.

In 2017 Finnish singer Vilma Talvitie wrote Alla Katuvalon, and made lyrics on Jonas’ composition A la mémoire du passé. Both songs were recorded with Vilma and Het Eenzaam Ensemble in October 2017:

  1. A la mémoire du passé Jonas Malfliet / Vilma Talvitie 5:10
  2. Alla katuvalon Vilma Talvitie

De Rechtvaardige Rechters

Resident pianist of the satiric radio programme “De Rechtvaardige Rechters” on Radio  2 (ca. 1.000.000 listeners).




Theatre company BlindeVink, led by Fabio Van Hoorebeke (Radio 2), produces innovative small-scale theatre productions and concerts for young and old(er) audiences.

Jonas Malfliet performs in the following productions as a multi-instrumentalist and actor: 24 Rozen (homage to Toon Hermans); Laat Ons Een Bloem (homage to Louis Neefs); Ik ben lekker stout (6+); Pieter Konijn (3+), De Spaanse Schaar (3+).


Eros & Thanatos

In autumn 2018, Madam Fortuna organized the intercultural music project Eros & Tanathos. Seventeen musicians and actors with Western European, African, South American, Arabic and Roma roots resided in a remote location during the autumn holidays. Led by Wouter Vandenabeele and Luk Nys, they brainstormed around the theme Eros (vitality) and Thanatos (death).



Jonas played drums with Les Busiciens since 2006, and was also their manager. They’ve toured in Europe, Congo and China and recorded three albums. In 2017 Les Busiciens have stopped playing.