Jonas Malfliet broke his little finger when he was three years old. Nothing too bad, his mother said. The only thing he won’t be able to do, is become a professional musician.

However, it turns out he quite stubbornly didn’t want to listen to his mother, and nowadays cannot keep his fingers off the black and white keys! He pops up with his accordion in world music groups such as Damast Duo and Jiraan (with Syrian violinist Shalan Alhamwy), the eight-piece belgo-brazilian party band Euforró and the French collective Les Poissons Voyageurs. In between buses and planes, he is also resident pianist of De Rechtvaardige Rechters, a programme on Belgian national radio.

Furthermore, he enjoys nothing more than jamming 1001 nights with musicians from the most diverse traditions, trying to figure out what music he likes to play best. Nobody knows which tune he’s going to play next, least of all himself. But one thing’s for sure: you’re in for a surprise.



Picture: Evy Ottermans