Euforró plays forró, groovy dance music from the Northeast of Brazil. Their swinging rhythms and euphoric improvisations immediately put you in a summery party mood! Singer Alice Leal Loparic, with her Brazilian roots, has no trouble with the sultry Portuguese sounds and also plays the triangle, which is indispensable for forró. Jonas Malfliet handles the accordion with infectious enthusiasm and Antoon Kindekens, with his zabumba, is the beating heart of the rhythm section. You can’t sit still at that… Vamos dançar!

Violinist Shalan Alhamwy from Syria and Belgian accordionist Jonas Malfliet together form Damast Duo. Damast is Dutch for the fabric damask, which originates from Damascus, the capital of Syria, and became very popular in Europe throughout history. This kind of cultural exchange also takes place in the duo. Shalan enjoyed a classical violin course at the Damascus Conservatory, played with the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra, but also masters Arabic traditional music. Jonas grew up in the Western European musical tradition, but feels at home in many styles.

In 2018 the duo recorded their first album Safar, a musical journey between Syria and Belgium, and in 2020 they recorded Birds of Passage with Turkish-Kurdish singer Luna Ersahin and French-Venezolan guitar player Ray Riveros.

Les Poissons Voyageurs tour all year round. They live, travel, organize and create together. Between covers and compositions, they play swinging music with balkan influences, with vocals at its core. With over 500 000 km in as many as 35 countries and no less than 18 musicians over the years, Les Poissons  have met musicians from Greece, Brasil, Georgia, the USA and brought to the band a solid knowledge of the traditional music played in these countries. On big festivals, on television in Moldova, on the radio in Canada, at a gypsy wedding in Ukraine or a street music festival in Switzerland, in someone’s house in Brasil or in a children’s psychiatric hospital in France, in a large theatre in Peru or a smoky bar in Romania…  Les Poissons will feel at home, and ask the audience to stand for a minimalist funk dance, to join them in a gypsy gospel choir or to pretend to cheer like a wild bosnian crowd.

Jiraan – Arabic for “neighbors” –  is an ensemble of twelve musicians of different nationalities, led by the Syrian violinist Shalan Alhamwy.  In 2018 the collective resided in Belgium to work on a repertoire of Arabic, Syriac, Sufi, Turkish, jazz and baroque music.


De Rechtvaardige Rechters

Resident pianist of the satiric radio programme “De Rechtvaardige Rechters” on Radio  2 (ca. 1.000.000 listeners).



Het Eenzaam Ensemble tells stories of long lost memories. About sharing one last waltz. About a village chief watching his tribe sleeping under the old oak tree. About feeling reborn under the streetlights on a cold winter evening.

Jonas Malfliet’s compositions are accompanied by Joshua Dellaert on double bass and Joachim Thys on saxophone.

For now, the musicians of Het Eenzaam Ensemble are mostly dwelling alone in their rooms, as the project has been put on a hold. But they’ll meet again…

In 2017 Finnish singer Vilma Talvitie wrote Alla Katuvalon, and made lyrics on Jonas’ composition A la mémoire du passé. Both songs were recorded with Vilma and Het Eenzaam Ensemble in October 2017:

  1. A la mémoire du passé Jonas Malfliet / Vilma Talvitie 5:10
  2. Alla katuvalon Vilma Talvitie

Jonas played drums with Les Busiciens since 2006, and was also their manager. They’ve toured in Europe, Congo and China and recorded three albums. In 2017 Les Busiciens have stopped playing.